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Magic, and thus also a magician, thrives in a world of mystery and secrets; it is an art of the unexpected, of will power and of altered realities, so intrinsically occult that we may never hope to reveal, nor should we, the intricate machinations of a magician’s mind, matters, or misdeeds. The unexpected mysterious life of many realities that has been led by Thom bedlam makes it seem as though the hands of fate molded him into a magician.


His story began in the Great White North, in the shadow of a vast and ancient mountain range.   An only child, he spent much time alone in nature with the animals and with his thoughts and his imagination, creating and destroying worlds and universes daily, as is the wont of most imaginative children.

His personal era of single digits ended as the worlds began; this also marked a time of travel and great change. Leaving his northern homeland, he was trans-por-mo-located across the world to the sands of Arabia, the home of the Bedouin, and land of the djinn.

It was in Arabia that Bedlam was given a (great tome of) (book about) gods and magic, which was to be the spark to ignite an unquenchable fire in his heart and in his mind. It seems that Thom threw himself into the study of magic at the cost of much else in his life, most acutely the prescribed study of the established education systems of his time.

While still in Arabia, Thom traveled the world with his parents. Magic was set firmly in his mind, allowing him to seek out spiritual and occult teachings from cultures across the globe. Bedlam was a natural autodidact; he pursued no formalized training or apprenticeship, instead trusting in literary and video graphic records from magicians, wizards and sages, both modern and historic.

Bedlam’s first magical commission was performed successfully at 14 years of age. Since then, he has had the pleasure and the privilege to entrance and entertain every stratum of society, from the proletariat on the street to the corporate bourgeoisie and even royalty, baffling, bemusing and exceeding all expectation.

This worldly wizard now wanders Australia in search of magical opportunities, people and places, welcoming any and all possibilities of performance. If you know of any magical potentialities, you are strongly urged to contact Thom Bedlam for consultation, consideration and commission.

“Thom is simply a superb magician. His skill is only matched by his charm and wit, making him a fabulous entertainer for both the young and young at heart.”


“I can promise that you won’t be sorry if you hire Thom as a magician for your event. He is a great performer who left our audience smiling and amazed”


“I’ve seen him many times since he first started performing and have never, ever been disappointed.”


“Thom presents an inescapable experience of magic, drawing on his magical knowledge gathered from the four corners of the globe, and his pure sleight of hand.”


“Thom’s innovative and adaptable style makes him ideally suited for any event.”