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Thom Bedlam Yoga


It’s also a complex and rewarding system
for self-realization and improvement.

Whether you come to it with purely your physical health in mind or you are a spiritual seeker on the path to moksha, yoga can have a place in your life that will strengthen you more than you can imagine. We all have our own paths and motivations in life, and each of us has a true nature unique to us. It is my hope to help you find and nourish your true self by identifying and uniting you with the most beneficial yogic techniques for your goals.

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These are the most-popular Yoga packages that I offer.  If you would like something even more custom, let’s talk.


A two-day exploration of meditation and perception of the self and the inner body working with breathing practice and mental techniques.  We will explore how and why they effect the body and brain, and lay the foundation for a lifelong relationship with your inner landscape


2 Days

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Activate and experience the bio energy flow within our bodies and deepen your understanding and perception of your inner body.  A set of practices and techniques both physical and mental will be presented in each class that correspond to a chakra.


7 day intensive
or over 7 weeks

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Alistair Crowley was a nineteenth-century occultist of questionable character. What is not questionable was his intense knowledge of western magical tradition and practice in many eastern schools of thought.  Read more about Crowley’s work below.


5 days

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Travel up to 50km included  |  Additional travel at $50 per 50km


My first memories of yoga are from my teens, waking up early to get to school before the other students to attend a yoga class. While studying theater and dance, I kept a regular stretching and occasional yoga routine.

Upon moving to Australia in 2012,  I began a regular yoga practice at home, in classes and attending workshops. Changing life and love situations led me away from yoga for a period of time and it was after about a 2-year hiatus that I found myself stretching my body at every possible moment, getting down on the ground, using doorways and generally getting in people’s way. If there was a spare moment at home, even during conversation, there I would be stretching out.

I decided to once again focus this desire and energy into yoga, a structured and multifaceted form of what I was already compelled to do. I began a daily practice that had continued for several months when a friend invited me to join him for a kundalini yoga class. I had heard of this form of yoga and was curious to see what it had to offer. The class was an epic battle of will, and my friend who seemed more interested in the participants than participating did not return to another class. In truth, neither did I as the studio was in a more affluent suburb than I could afford.

However, I felt like I was on a boat out at sea when before I had been in a kiddie pool with floaters on.

I began practicing kundalini daily but after only a month or so, I sub-located my knee dancing at a Warehouse party. The doctors said that a repeat injury would mean surgery but offered no course of treatment on how to prevent that. After consulting a TCM practitioner and receiving acupuncture, cupping and an exercise regime, I was well on my way to re-engaging with my yoga.  It was at least a month before I could do yoga and another month of daily practice before I was strong enough to attend classes again.

When I did, I managed an average of 25 classes a month; this became an experiment to prove to myself that I truly wanted to and was invigorated by the idea of studying yoga at a deeper level, incorporating it into my life and sharing its magic with anyone who would listen. My injury also led me to the realization that I am hyper-flexible, meaning I will always be prone to joint problems. Yoga allows me to strengthen my muscles and joints; it transformed my body and my mind in a mere few months, while simultaneously satisfying my curiosity and intellectual draw to the spiritual, theological and esoteric knowledge.

Yoga is a study that applies to every aspect of one’s being, and I cannot wait to find out what more yoga has to offer the world and our collective consciousness.



Alistair Crowley was a nineteenth-century occultist of questionable character, but what is not questionable was his intense Knowledge of western magical tradition and practice as well as many eastern schools of thought.  He may have been the most knowledgeable spiritual seeker of his time. He may have been the most knowledgeable spiritual seeker of his time.

Although I do not believe that he is a man to emulate, he is certainly one to learn from as his take on yoga was not only concise but also humorous and easily accessible to the modern student.

While a truly insightful take on the practice and art of yoga, its ultimate aim differs from that of traditional yoga, and yet is at the same time perfectly harmonious with it. Yoga is to prepare the body and mind for magical practices, the subtle conflicts and congruences will be discussed fully in the course.




“Thom is simply a superb magician. His skill is only matched by his charm and wit, making him a fabulous entertainer for both the young and young at heart.”


“I can promise that you won’t be sorry if you hire Thom as a magician for your event. He is a great performer who left our audience smiling and amazed”


“I’ve seen him many times since he first started performing and have never, ever been disappointed.”


“Thom presents an inescapable experience of magic, drawing on his magical knowledge gathered from the four corners of the globe, and his pure sleight of hand.”


“Thom’s innovative and adaptable style makes him ideally suited for any event.”